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This version (v0.9.1) is fully playable but there are still a few tweaks to be made and at least one bug fix. Expected v1.0 release date: April 2019

A puzzle game, lateral-thinking.
Its riddles may drive you to drinking.
The keys to all locks
Are "outside the box",
She says, while suspiciously winking.

I know getting stuck makes you wince
So that's why I made in-game hints.
Spoilered and stuck
Both mightily suck
So that's what this (likely) prevents.

Testers: Any feedback is hugely appreciated; if you can record your play session, that would be even more helpful, especially if you include audio of your thought process! If you have files to email me, I'm Discord works too: Pace#6772

Instructions are in-game.



Compass Rose v0.9 17 MB

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west puzzle is absolutely genius - if you're feeling frustrated, be patient and trust that it's very elegant and worth your time.